Tokenize Debt Obligation

Who is Alchemy For?

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Investors have the ability to invest in TDOs, Tokenized Debt Obligations. Investors can now participate in a liquid and transparent securitized market.

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A global pool of lenders will give borrowers more access to liquid capital than current solutions on the market.

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Alchemy reduces high credit risk and high default rate prospects, while at the same time offering risk-adjusted downside protection for capital lenders.

Why Alchemy?

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The Alchemy P2P Lending Process

step 1

Step 1

Credit borrowers can request to borrow money on our Alchemy P2P platform.

step 2

Step 2

Through AI and Machine Learning our platform plans to expedite the credit screening process and push out a risk-adjusted interest rate for the borrower and lender.


Step 3

Once the rate is agreed upon by both parties, Alchemy then facilitates funds from the lender to the borrower’s account.

step 4

Step 4

Credit borrowers debt is then pooled into Alchemy Tokenized Debt Obligations (TDOs).

step 5

Step 5

Debt pools are then split into tranches based on risk profile.

step 6

Step 6

Investors can purchase Alchemy tokens to have ownership in the TDOs.

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