Public ICO has ended

Soft Cap: $3,000,000 | Hard Cap: $60,000,000



Cost per AFI

(In USD, when 1ETH = $500)

Cost per AFI

(In ETH)
Private Sales 4/27/2018 25% 0.4 0.0008 ETH
Pre-ICO 7/16/2018 ~ 8/13/2018 15% 0.4347 0.000869 ETH
Public ICO 8/27/2018 ~ 9/10/2018 5% 0.476 0.000952 ETH
※ Bonus will be distributed on 03/11/2019.

Project Roadmap

We are ready to skyrocket


Q1 Idea Formulation.

Q2 Launch Alchemy.

Q3 Secure financial institutions and retirement fund management interests; NDIRA and in discussion with a few more.

Q4 Acquire strong interest from students and individuals about Alchemy.


Q1 Blockchain smart contract creation and integration.

Q2 Alpha version of Alchemy P2P lending Network.

Q3 Beta Version of Alchemy P2P lending Network.

Q4Expand Alchemy P2P Lending Network and integration score and credit risk valuation for potential borrowers.


Q1 Partnerships and beta testing with relevant business, financial and legal partners.

Q2 Release product for interested market participants (consumers can start to request debt financing through AFI platform). Start with debt purchase.

Q3 Product test run for new market verticals.

Q4 First batch transactions of securities and tranches with Alchemy coins.

The Alchemy P2P Lending Process

Few steps. It’s easy

Step 1

Credit borrowers can request to borrow money on our Alchemy P2P platform.

Step 2

Through AI and Machine Learning our platform plans to expedite the credit screening process and push out a risk-adjusted interest rate for the borrower and lender.

Step 3

Once the rate is agreed upon by both parties, Alchemy then facilitates funds from lender to the borrower’s account.

Step 4

Credit borrowers debt is then pooled into Alchemy Tokenized Debt Obligations (TDOs)

Step 5

Debt pools are then split into tranches based on risk profile.

Step 6

Investors can purchase Alchemy tokens to have ownership in the TDOs.
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Why Alchemy

Debt financing has been facilitated by conventional banks for the past few centuries. Recently peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platforms such as Lending Tree and Lending Club disrupted the industry as consumers sought alternative financing channels. The P2P "Revolution" was proliferated in the wake of the 2008 economic financial crisis, and was further popularized as these platforms offered cheaper and more accessible access to financing. Alchemy believes the P2P lending industry is ripe for another wave of disruption with the incoming adoption of cryptographic technologies. We intend to become the leading P2P lending platform on blockchain technology.


Global Access

Anonymous Lender

Secondary Market

Decentralized Intermediate

Trust Level

Conventional Banks
Lending Club
Lending Tree

How To Invest

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How To Transfer

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Our tokens would be transferable after our public ICO.
All American holders would not be able to transfer their tokens for 6 months, and would be remove from white list temporarily.
Any action to do with AFI must be in white list.


Justin Jung

Chief Executive Officer

Justin was a successful salesperson selling skin products to men and books to kids when he was in high school. Later, he started his first business at the age of 18 by establishing a social media marketing agency called JCKR Marketing based in Brooklyn, New York. The business went from 0 to having 6 figures in revenue per month within a year and a half before a family office acquired his agency. Justin works hard to, and excels at, bringing people together and maximizing their potential, because he believes people are the foundation of every business.

Justin is currently building his second company at the age of 21, Alchemy Finance, to solve average Americans’ financial inflexibility issues, by building and structuring the Alchemy Tokens. He believes cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and artificial AI (artificial intelligence) will form the next internet for human society that will significantly boost the civilization.

Justin is an active advisor for multiple startups and also a speaker who has been invited to give public speeches multiple times about entrepreneurship.

James Fan

Chief Operating Officer

James graduated from the best university in Taiwan, National Taiwan University, which only admits the top 1% of all applicants.

James had been handling operations for more than 5 years for his family’s real estate business, strengthening his time and people management skills. He also believes in having a backup plans for every decision or action that will be taken. James past experiences include working for NuSkin as a senior representative. He is also a public speaker on financial freedom and entrepreneurship.

JT Bell

Chief Strategy Officer

Jahril harbors a meticulous attention to detail by enhancing intelligence through information by means of transforming complex data into actionable strategies. He is eager to demonstrate to all that in every transaction they will be taking on a valuable asset. Jahril garnered skills while providing equity research and commercial funding to businesses across the U.S at an innovative investment bank on Wall Street. Similarly, his experience working at an innovative PR firm managing a spectacular client, The National Association of Corporate Directors, furnished him with the opportunity to develop the best solutions using computational, managerial and strategic techniques to ensure that the greatest utility was brought out of every presentation.

Jahril’s past experience also includes working at two DoD contracted software development firms. Jahril specializes in strategy consultation and commercial real estate acquisition and financing, and has garnered over $50M in transactions in two-years.

Chris Lowe

Chief Risk Officer

Chris is a versatile finance professional with a special focus on credit risk and new product initiatives. Educated at Regis High School, then at Connecticut College studied in the Government Department specializing in emerging country politics and economics. School was followed by time in the New York creative world and as a fine arts painter.

Later he transitioned to Wall Street joining Swiss Bank Corporation's Emerging Markets Trading and Finance (EMTAF) group for 3 years working in various developmental roles. This led to 13 years at JPMorgan working in New York, London, Sao Paulo, and Mexico City on derivatives risks, credit risk, country risk, new product development, and credit risk pricing leaving as an Executive Director.

Since then Chris has worked in FinTech on SME credit and underwriting exploring the unbanked business finance sector. This gives Chris a unique perspective on finance and risk from Wall Street to Main Street.

Michael Creadon

Chief Marketing Officer

Michael Creadon is Founder and CEO of 4Rev, an independent cryptocurrency news website. He is the former CEO of Traditum, a Chicago-based proprietary trading firm specializing in interest-rate derivatives. After college, he served as a United States Peace Corps Volunteer in Namibia and went on to work as a journalist at Voice of America Radio, TIME Magazine, and Bloomberg. He holds a B.A. in Economics from Indiana University - Bloomington, and an M.P.A. in Public Policy from Columbia University in New York.

Benjamin Chen

Director of Product Development

Benjamin has been a developer for more than 8 years. During his career, he has been involved with developing for multiple industries, including gaming, gambling, and hardware that wide breadth of experience programming and developing. Cash Flow and Security are what he specializes in. Benjamin also has substantial experience managing large teams through multiple projects when he spent four years of his career working at BBIN, one of the largest gambling software supplier in Asia. He tries find creative, “outside of the box” solutions that other people will not consider. His ability to think creatively and come up with solutions to most complex issues makes him the right candidate to help the Board navigate through any unforeseen technical issues that it comes across.

Aidan Stevens

Director of Risk Management

Aidan Stevens studied Mathematics at Cambridge University in England. After graduation, Aidan worked in Investment Banking for 15 years for both JPMorgan and Credit Suisse. During this time, he had stints in both London and New York while undertaking a variety of roles spanning across Fixed Income, Currencies, Credit Markets and Global Emerging Markets.

Since leaving Wall Street, Aidan has undertaken a number of Executive and Non-Executive roles in SMEs across a variety of different sectors. To this day Aidan keeps a keen eye on the Financial Markets and the impact this has to the Wealth Management Industry.

Aidan is well placed as both an investor and as a former Wall Street banker to advise on the nascent P2P product which is destined to explode in popularity in the USA over the next 10 years.

Karan Bhatia

Director of Asset Acqusitions

Mr. Karan Bhatia has over 15 years of financial services experience, majority of it in the asset management and credit industry. He has founded and run a successful credit business in India (NBFC), managed portfolio of credit investments in Asia and USA and been part of two successful credit funds.

Most recently, he was the MD and CEO of X10 Finance, a NBFC focused on supply chain finance solutions for SMEs in India. With X10, he successfully built and managed USD 80 MM of lending with no NPAs, within 24 months.

Prior to X10, Karan worked at Deutsche Bank, part of the Strategic Investment Group, focusing on investments in special situations across Asia. He was a key member of the team which held a large credit focussed portfolio across SE Asia with a strong focus on India.

He has been part of two credit funds, Mason Capital and Puma, in New York, with a focus on high yield and special situations credit investments.

Currently, he is a strategic adviser and consultant to fintech platforms and alternate lenders across the region.

Karan brings an extensive credit and investment experience across global markets, an excellent ability to interpret market trends and has a detailed understanding of financial products for banks and lenders. He has unique combination of experience as an investment professional with a deep understanding of credit and an entrepreneur in the lending space to understand operational issues and challenges, which will be a great advantage in growing a loan book, building partnerships and mitigating risk.

Mr. Bhatia is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), has an MBA from New York University Stern School of Business and a MS in Computer Science from the University of Southern California.

He lives in Singapore with his wife and two children. He is an avid reader, a technology enthusiast and keen (but struggling) golfer.

Paresh Masani

Executive Director of Investment Research

Paresh is a gold medalist in Masters Degree in Computer Science from one of the most prestigious universities in India, National Institute of Technology, Trichy.

He is an ex-Executive Director of top Investment Banks like Goldman Sachs and Barclays.

Paresh is an expert in running ICO end-to-end contributing in Blockchain Architecture, Vision and Strategy, and Overall Platform Infrastructure and Security, Marketing, Airdrop and Bounty campaign

He possesses the solid understanding of FinTech business & technology and has a proven track record of running successful businesses.

He is a Technology geek and has worked as technical lead and full-stack developer for some of the critical Banking and Finance projects.

Paresh is also an expert in security, cryptography, blockchain technology, and end-to-end system development.

Jerry Hsiang

Executive Director of Business Development

Jerry has years of experience in financial analysis and strategic planning, holding or held finance leadership positions at Accenture, Indeed and Guild Travel. He was also the chief financial officer at WholeSplit, a direct-to-consumer / manufacturer-to-consumer marketplace startup. He is currently advising several startups, including the likes of Alchemy Finance (P2P platform) Homads (30+ day rental marketplace) and Live Mira (feminine care brand) in the areas of strategy, pricing, financial analysis, go-to-market strategies, and investor pitch deck. He was also recently selected to be a judge at TigerLaunch Competition, one of the largest startup competition held annually at Princeton University and was also the board of director, treasurer of The Unmentionables.

Masuma Pataer

Executive Creative Director

Masuma is a creative specialist that specialize in graphic design, fashion design and creative thinking.

During her time when she was back in college, she had been selected to present her portfolio on numerous fashion show and conferences before.

Besides that, Masuma is detail orientated, creative, efficient, responsive, and multilingual.

Currently Masuma serves as the Executive Creative Director at Alchemy Coin.

John Tse

China & Southeast Asia Sector B&D

John is a strategic planner that always thinks one step ahead of everyone. This habit led him to become multiple executives and chairmans at numerous companies in Mainland China and HongKong Area.
John has been involving in Real Estate and Gambling industry for more than 10 years. Therefore, John is very well connected in China and Southeast Asian countries.
He believes that Blockchain technology combining real estate will bring a huge revolution in the Asian Market.

Yra Flores

Project Manager

Yra has willingness to learn and to adapt under great pressures. She has solid skills assisting and monitoring the team to accomplish its tasks.

Yra is also a personable and outgoing individual that works well with others, and can assess and deal with unexpected situations calmly and resourcefully.

She currently holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from Penn State University.

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